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Steamboat Mountain School Australia 2017 final week

Posted by Marta Miskolczy on May 1, 2017 3:28:27 PM


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Colton '18
Today, we left the aquarium at around 8:15, and made our way from Reef HQ in Townsville, and worked our way to the ferry. Our destination: Magnetic Island. For our first activity on the island, we biked out to a property out of the area we were staying and learned how to tell which trees koalas are in by picking out their poop, smelling it, and seeing if we could smell eucalyptus or not. This would help to determine if the koalas had been in the tree recently or not. This method is used due to koalas being nearly invisible when on a eucalyptus tree. Fun fact: Did you know that koalas poop 150 times a day!?! After that, we toured around our home for the next couple of days, and had a presentation on koalas. Then we ended the day off with handling crocodiles and snakes, along with a very loving red tailed cockatoo. 
During our stay at bungalow bay, Cole and I took a walk up to Magnetic Island's old WWII fort system on the ridge line above our bungalow. We eventually made it to the top of the mountain on top of the old radio tower, with a sweeping view of the ocean surrounding the island. We had to sprint down the mountain because if we hadn't, we would have been late for dinner, which in turn would mean that we were in trouble. In the end, it all worked out fine, and we made it with 5 minutes to spare.
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Annalise '18
Today, entering our final week in Australia, we had the opportunity to visit different overlooking points of the ocean. These sites offered beaches, huge rocks, and amazing scenery. While we were figuring out where to go to find the best views, we stumbled upon the twelve apostles rock site. This site, although it was heavily touristed, was full of amazing rocks in their natural state. Although this site was amazing, it was not my favorite because the large number of eager tourists took away from the beauty? That being said, my favorite site that we went to was the called the Loch Ard Gorge. The Gorge was full of huge rocks and a small beach that had huge waves (too big to swim in!). One wave was so big that it almost washed away all of our backpacks which were up on land and some smaller rocks! These sights  allowed me to see some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. 
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