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Steamboat Mountain School Australia 2017 wrapping up

Posted by Marta Miskolczy on May 2, 2017 10:25:24 AM
Chip '17
Australia is beautiful. Looking out over the clear, turquoise-colored ocean is peaceful. There are no words for seeing the waves crash over the reef and watching the white water that is created. I can hear the waves even though we are up on a large hill. We are all sitting, taking in the view, but before, we were playing games up here and having fun. After a long day of sightseeing around Apollo Bay, it felt good to get out and walk to an amazing lookout and be able to see so far along the coast. Make sure to check out this photo:
steamboat_mountain_school GIS 2017 Australia Chip's scenic photo.jpg
Elle '18

The atmosphere is cool and frigid, the type of cold that reaches your bones and sends chills down your spine. In retrospect, the temperature was not one that I would technically consider cold per se, but the fact that we had been in immense heat for the past three weeks caused the slight cold to feel like an arctic frost. The smell of a salty ocean breeze and dewy grass permeated around me as we pulled up to an ocean-side site by the name of Loch Ard Gorge. As I walked along the narrow boardwalk, my senses were overwhelmed by the immense beauty held in the site. The sky was a mystifying, eerie grey that submerged into the tantalizing blue of the sea. Together they coalesced, creating an infinite horizon. In my foresight were rocks and cliffs. They were immense masses carved out by millions of years of erosion and layered by history older than humanity. I stared in awe at all of the clear cut segments in the cliffs, imagining how the landscape altered over time. I continued my journey along the path, listening to the sound of waves crash against the rocks, the creaking of the wood beneath my feet, the sway of the grass in the breeze, and my lungs breathing in the crisp air. Unsure of where the path would lead, I ended up finding myself standing on a rock gazing out at the vast sea. I watched as the waves formed and fell. Out of nowhere a wave of water flew over my head. As a wave broke against the rock, the backlash flew into the air. I was frozen in time as the water fell over my frame. Every centimeter of my being was drenched in wave's aftermath. As the water spread into the crevices of the rock I continued to peer out at the sea in bliss and harmony. The fact that I was soaking wet and slightly cold didn't phase me. In that moment, I felt completely at one with my surroundings. As I walked back to the car with the feeling of water sloshing around in my shoes, reality began to set in. I was not excited about having a broken phone due to water damage and I would have to endure a two hour car ride in sopping wet clothes; however, clothes dry and phones can be fixed. What I experienced was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity that will be eternally ingrained in my memory.

Also, we got word from India group that all is well!

steamboat_mountain_school GIS 2017 Australia Mason with rainbow.jpg

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