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Steamboat Mountain School Ecuador 2017

Posted by Marta Miskolczy on Apr 17, 2017 4:23:57 PM
Eric Phalen '17
Hello.  The travel here was quite hectic but we managed and became a team. T his was very valuable to me because I could trust all of the group and have fun. Pero mi Espanol esta mejorando porque yo hablo con muchas personas en Ecuador. During my stay at Mama Hilda hostel, which is a great place, I brought dishes to the kitchen to help out Juan, Mama Hilda y Dardio. Mama Hilda invited me to cook in the morning, so I did. After that, I did yoga and headed back to the kitchen where Mama Hilda and Juan pointed to a bowl with aloe vera plant spikes in it.  I had been wanting to use pure aloe vera gel, which is called sabila en Espanol!  During my stay, I have learned how to cook and the locals have shown me how to use and where daily items are from. I make my own lemongrass tea by just taking it off the tree and boiling it in water. I have also learned how to cook. The food is very good at the homestay; it's all organic and handmade. Today, April 14th, we walked 22 km and got to see the beauty of Ecuador but also understand how hard the people work here. I said today that Ecuadorians work 15 times harder but have 15 times less than Americans. I have also learned how to manage my self and how to work as a group. Things can get difficult, but your attitude is important. Anyways, the trip has been great, and we have much more to come. 
       Gracias,  Eric
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