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Steamboat Mountain School GIS Vietnam/Cambodia 5/3

Posted by Marta Miskolczy on May 2, 2016 4:40:11 PM
Colton '18, Vietnam and Cambodia, 5/1/2016
Today we visited a school in Siem Reap, run by PSE, and painted a mural on one of their interior walls. In the morning, half of the group worked on sketching things out while the other half played with the young children there. In the afternoon, everyone (including some of the kids there) helped to finish the painting.  Some of the kids also played tag with us in the afternoon until we were worn down. Finally, we finished things up and said our goodbyes.
In the evening, after a great dinner, we went to a free concert given by Beat Richner, a Swiss doctor who helped create and run five hospitals in Cambodia that are completely free for children. Dr. Richner was an excellent cellist, and we saw a film aobut what motivates him to do his amazing work. In the end, we all donated a little to help hom and all the local doctors and staff he has helped to train. Visit to read more about him.
Silas '18, Vietnam and Cambodia, 4/27/2016
Today we visited the S-21 prison camp and the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Even before we left Colorado, I knew this would be a very difficult experience. For me, the experience wasn't entirely new, as I have been to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. However, the prison camp and Killing Fields, in many ways, were even more raw experiences. The many images of victims (without their stories) made it easy to imagine yourself or someone you know in that situation, making the experience extremely powerful. It is a memory one cannot forget.
Pablo '19, Vietnam and Cambodia, 5/1/2016
Angkor Wat
Today we had an early departure so we could bike among the temples. The jungle temples we visited were filled with wonder and mystery. After lunch and a midday rest, we returned to the huge primary temple of Angor Wat. We learned how it was part of an entire city constructed in the twelfth century with amazing art and architecture containing elements of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Our only disappointment was that we could not explore longer, as we were ushered out with the setting of the sun.
The Vietnam / Cambodia group just finished up working at a school for underpriviledged children. They also planted over 50 mango trees which will bear fruit in only 3 years! 
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Steamboat Mountain School GIS Vietnam/Cambodia 4/28

Posted by Marta Miskolczy on Apr 28, 2016 11:41:18 AM
Maya '19, Vietnam and Cambodia, 4/26/2016
Travel is some of the best stress relief. I'm not talking about a vacation with swimsuit tans. (I'm not saying that's not great--it is.) I love the kind of travel that is unexpected and unfamiliar...the kind that control freaks hate. Allowing myself to be submerged in someone else's lifestyle, culture, or history, I forget all of my troubles. On GIS I have found this type of travel. At a homestay, I had the experience of looking across a field at a resort and loving every bit of where I was. (I didn't fully enjoy the spiders.) If I had come here before, I would have stayed at that resort. I would have experienced a "vacation," and my travels would have been empty. I hope to embrace the uncomfortable and the weird every chance I get. This is how I wish to travel--full and free.
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Topics: Student travelers, vietnam, Cambodia, boarding school with international travel program